The mobile web revolution is changing physical security.
“Mobile First” access control solutions for HID Edge & VertX and Assa Abloy IP locks.
AMT’s 10+ years of cloud experience ranges from single door systems to a 3 million card, 3,000 reader system spanning 10 countries in a single installation.

AMT software supports more Assa Abloy IP locks than any other platform.

AMT is a Platinum Advantage HID Channel Partner and Assa Abloy Elite Access Control partner.

As familiar as your other web apps

Mobile web applications are overtaking traditional desktop applications. HTML5, CSS3 and other new technologies brought desktop capabilities to web applications.

New technologies built on these, including Twitter's Bootstrap open source framework, for what is now termed a "Mobile First" approach to web applications. Applications could now be responsive to the size of the device, working well first on mobile devices, but taking advantage of larger device's additional screen space when available.

This web site was created with these technologies, as is AMT's latest software. We've worked to take these further, designing our applications to be as easy to learn and use as the most popular mobile web applications.

System commissioning cloud style

One of the great things cloud services make possible is a scalable consistent way to deploy on a massive scale. For example. AMT pre-configures our HID Edge and VertX controllers to connect to our cloud service. This means for most situations the controllers boot up using DHCP to get their local address and then initiate their connection from inside the end user premises, so no inbound Firewall holes are necessary.

The installers and users can then simply log in to the site - no software to install, no additional infrastructure to put in place. Just connect and log in.

Plug and play for access control.

Certified Independent Data Center

Servers today are regularly probed for vulnerabilities from automated systems originating all over the world. This is not a hypothetical, this is an ongoing constant. It is the new norm.

As a result, there is an ever increasing need for experts to maintain and monitor infrastructure and keep up on tools and information used to counter these threats.

For these reasons, AMT uses an independent SOC3, SSAE 16 Certified, PCI, HIPPA, HITECH Compliant Data Center managed 24 x 7 by experts.

Open, best-of-breed security hardware

The security industry is moving away from proprietary security hardware. The costs of switching from solutions that no longer fit, are outdated, or include high, mandatory annual support and maintenance costs can be an expensive trap.

AMT uses off the shelf security hardware products from HID, Sargent, Corbin-Russwin, Persona, and other ASSA ABLOY high quality brands in a non-proprietary way. These companies have many partners with solutions that support our customers' hardware investments, so they are never locked in to a single solution vendor.

An RMR growth platform

Cloud Services give dealers, integrators, MSPs and Central Stations a way to create long-term relationships based on turnkey services that keep end user's security systems up to date, managed and monitored, verifiably backed up, archived, protected and monitored for health or threats.

To AMT's offering, our partner's add their complementary services so that their customers have peace of mind and a system that "just works".

The result is a long-term relationship with the end user. As our partners grow more and more of these relationships yearly, they are rewarded with recurring revenue that grows year upon year like a snowball down a mountain. RMR typically provides the single greatest component for growth of our partners' business valuations.

Private cloud solutions

AMT makes the same solution we provide as a Cloud Service available for installation in Central Station's or MSP's data centers, as well as the end user's data center when appropriate. When the security infrastructure and IT staff is already in place, it may make more sense for the application to operate directly from our partner's or the end user's data center.

AMT fully supports this, including remote installation support services, technical support, and leasing and licensing models for these scenarios.

About AMT, Inc.

AMT’s hosted and private cloud “mobile-first” access control solutions support HID Edge/VertX and Assa Abloy IP locks. The application is a great example of the simpler, more intuitive, higher productivity provided by the mobile era over desktop-centric solutions having mobile as an "add on". The data center is SOC3 and SSAE 16 certified.

Founded in 1997, AMT has been the engine under the hood of more than a dozen security OEM brands. AMT’s 10+ years of cloud experience ranges from single door systems to a system having 3 million cards, 3,500 readers, spanning 10 countries in a single installation.

AMT is a Platinum Advantage HID Channel Partner and Assa Abloy Elite Access Control partner.

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