Access Control Integration Tools

Access Control Solutions for the Integrators Toolbox

For 35 years Cypress has been the leading provider of innovative integration solutions for physical access control and security management systems. Technologies include wireless, fiber optic, Ethernet and Wiegand solutions.


Handheld Wireless Readers

Get credential reads where you need them, instead of being limited to a fixed reader. Cypress Wireless Handheld Readers verify credentials by wirelessly communicating with a live database through the reader’s base unit.  Select models of the Wireless Handheld Reader also control a relay function such as opening a door or gates, or triggering a duress alarm.


Barcode Scanners

Recommended for visitor lobby, time & attendance, turnstile, parking, and point-of-sale applications.


Wireless Encryption

SIA’s OSDP™ v2 Secure Channel uses AES-128 encryption to safeguard the wireless connection.  Secure Channel provides the only open secure protection against hacking and playback attacks, known to be vulnerabilities of the Wiegand protocol.  According to the Security Industry Association, high-end AES is the encryption required in federal government applications.


Reader Extenders

The Wireless Suprex Reader-Extender is widely known for enabling installations beyond the Wiegand 500-foot limit, especially across parking lots, railroad tracks, in distant buildings or when installing at sites which should not be disturbed, e.g., buildings with asbestos or historical significance.

Data Wedges

These connect to a badge reader and “type” badge data into Excel files or other software applications, allowing computers to collect badge data for debugging or time and attendance.

USB Keyboard Interface | Field Configurable Interface and Output Formats | Wiegand, MagStripe, Barcode, ASCII Interface | Pluggable Connectors Ease Installation and Replacement | Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows compatible




Wiegand Splitter
(Formally known as CVT-OPTW)

The CVX-OPTW optically isolates the data signals from the two different devices. Incompatible electrical or data signals can create interference issues when connecting two panels to a single reader.


Data Converter

The CVX-1300 provides data format translations of numerous reader technology outputs into almost any other standard or proprietary format. More than 100 format translations are supported and field selectable using dip switches. The CVX-1300 is ideal for connecting dissimilar card, tag, badge and biometric readers to previously incompatible controllers.


Optimize Staff & Ownership Expenses

No IT Involvement Needed

Minimize or eliminate the need for IT personnel to support the access control system.

Nothing to Maintain

No need to perform updates, back-ups, server upkeep, etc.

Reduce Ongoing Costs

Drastic reduction of ongoing maintenance costs for owners.

No Upfront Setup Costs

No up-front IT infrastructure costs, with a predictable ongoing expense.

Better Monitoring & Maintenance

AMT’s hosting service builds on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), which uses the same data center infrastructure on which Amazon runs its own business.

AMT brings best practices and expertise in our own solution that provide live monitoring, predictive maintenance, performance tuning on the fly, and a level of reliability and availability that is not possible with an on premise solution.

This combination eliminates the need for local IT infrastructure, IT labor, servers, etc.

Supported Hardware