ID Card Printing

AMT’s solution works with Fargo printers and HID’s Asure ID software via the LiveLink feature in Asure ID Enterprise and Exchange versions to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry.

Asure ID 7 changes the paradigm of how ID card personalization software looks, feels and performs. An intuitive user interface and simplified processes make ID card template design and data entry extremely easy.

Behind the friendly interface, Asure ID 7 is a productivity powerhouse with tools and capabilities to support the most sophisticated ID card applications. Whether you’re new to ID badging or a power user, Asure ID 7 helps you design and produce ID cards and other secure credentials with unprecedented ease and efficiency.


The One Program For All Printers

  • Asure ID® 7 works with card printers from many different manufacturers. Just by switching to Asure ID 7, you can upgrade to a much easier, efficient and effective ID card production system and extend the investment in your current hardware.

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