Features & Benefits

Flexible & Resilient Hosted Access

With so many Access Control solutions available, what is different about this one?  Our partners tell us that it is dramatically simpler than the rest.  Most solutions are too complicated and too expensive for small and medium sized organizations.  The simplicity in home security has been missing from commercial solutions.  Our goal was to bring that.


Key Features 

  • Easier, easier, easier, easier.
  • Intuitive, familiar, powerful web-like search
  • Helpful – guides the user to areas needing attention without interrupting the user
  • The same user interface works on all desktops and mobile devices
  • User-definable notifications via text message and email
  • Threat level management and lockdown


  • Visitor Management
  • IP Video
  • ID Card Creation
  • Time & Attendance
  • Regulatory Rules Compliance Enforcement

Optimize Staff & Ownership Expenses

No IT Involvement Needed

Minimize or eliminate the need for IT personnel to support the access control system.

Nothing to Maintain

No need to perform updates, back-ups, server upkeep, etc.

Reduce Ongoing Costs

Drastic reduction of ongoing maintenance costs for owners.

No Upfront Setup Costs

No up-front IT infrastructure costs, with a predictable ongoing expense.

Better Monitoring & Maintenance

AMT’s hosting service builds on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), which uses the same data center infrastructure on which Amazon runs its own business.

AMT brings best practices and expertise in our own solution that provide live monitoring, predictive maintenance, performance tuning on the fly, and a level of reliability and availability that is not possible with an on premise solution.

This combination eliminates the need for local IT infrastructure, IT labor, servers, etc.

Supported Hardware